What is Audio Clipping and How to Avoid It

What is Audio Clipping and How to Avoid It - Blog

What is Clipping on Music and Recording

Audio clipping is a distortion in a sound recording when the levels have been increased past the normal range. This makes the sound clip noticeably worse, and sometimes, it could even be unpleasant to listen to. Clipping can be a result of an accidental or deliberate distortion.

This article will explain what is audio clipping is and how it affects music and recording. We will also have some tips about how to avoid audio clipping from happening on your recordings.

It was first observed by engineers at Bell Laboratories in September 1937 when they discovered that electrons were being bumped up against the top of an amplifier’s voltage rails this was causing them to emit noise or what we commonly know as clicks and hisses.

Why Audio Clipping Is Dangerous in Music Mixing

The audio clipping is a distortion that happens when audio is played at too high a volume. It causes the audio to sound distorted and fuzzy. The clipping can also cause problems with the speakers or headphones that are being used because it will produce an unpleasant sound. The clipping shouldn’t be taken lightly because it can cause irreparable damage to your ears, your equipment, and your recordings.

This will happen if you set the volume too high on your equipment or if you are working with files that have already been clipped. If you are experiencing this problem, there are some ways you can reduce the damage done by the distortion pattern for your ears and for your equipment.

  • Turn down the volume so that no distortion is heard
  • Mixing your song by leaving headroom on the master channel
  • Avoid listening to music at full blast
  • Use sample and loops which, were recorded without distortion.

How to Avoid Audio Clipping When Recording with Your Phone or Computer

When you use your phone or computer to record audio, some programs will automatically adjust the levels for you to keep the audio at a healthy level. But if they don’t, check out these tips:

  • Get closer to the sound source (especially if you’re recording yourself)
  • Turn the mic’s gain down
  • Use external hardware that has more processing power and better quality controls

How Does Audio Waveform Looks When is Hard-Clipping

What is audio clipping


Audio Clipping is one of the major causes of sound distortion in audio equipment. Try to avoid it so your recordings will sound clean and crispy.

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December 7, 2021