Spotify Streaming what need to know as a listener

What is Spotify and how does it work?

Spotify is a music streaming service that offers both free and premium membership. It has five plans of membership: Free, Individual, Duo, Family, and Student.

Free membership offers access to the ad-supported version of Spotify’s core features, such as curated playlists and podcasts. Premium membership offers access to ad-free streaming, offline listening for mobile devices, and other features that may vary depending on region or device. Student memberships are offered at an exclusive discount to full-time students at select colleges and universities in USA and Canada.

Which Devices I Use to Connect to Spotify

While you can use Spotify on almost any device, for example, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Users can save songs for offline listening, create playlists, share with friends, and more.

How can I make a playlist on Spotify?

All you need is to use a simple hack and you can listen to all the songs at once.

First, go to Spotify on your web browser or app and sign in.

Next, search for the song that you want to add to your playlist.

Then click on the three dots which appear right next to “Add to Playlist” and select “Add To Playlist Group” from the drop-down menu.

You can now organize multiple songs into one single playlist with this hack!

Tips and Tricks for Music Lover

Use Spotify offline mode when you are on a flight or in an area without Wi-Fi. Your playlists will be saved in the Offline Library so that you can listen to your favorite songs when you are offline.

Get push notifications when there is something new in your feed by enabling Notifications from Settings > Software Update > Notifications > ON. You will also get notifications about friends’ activities, new releases, and other updates in the app.

October 17, 2021