HighLife Samples Techno Rumble Kicks
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Techno Rumble Kicks

EDM, Techno

Techno Rumble Kicks pack by HighLife Samples it’s the sound arsenal tailored exclusively for techno music producers. Elevate your tracks to new heights with these cutting-edge, earth-shaking kick loops.

Unleash the full potential of your techno creations with 50 expertly designed kick loops, each carefully curated to deliver a perfect balance of intensity and precision.

The kicks are at 135 bpm, ensuring seamless integration into your high-octane tracks. These top-tier loops are exported in WAV 24bit/44.100 format, ensuring unparalleled audio fidelity and seamless compatibility with all major DAWs.

Please note: This sample pack exclusively contains Kicks loops and does not include any other sounds heard in the demo. Kindly refer to the following sample packs for the additional sounds:

– Modern Driving Techno –
– Future Rave & Mainstage Techno –

What sets this pack apart is its royalty-free nature, allowing you to incorporate these thunderous kicks into your compositions without any worries. Let your creativity run wild and create chart-topping techno tracks that shake dance floors worldwide.

Full Pack Details:
• 50 Techno Rumble Kicks
• 24bit/44.100
• 100% Royalty Free