Sylenth Mainstage Presets
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Sylenth Mainstage Presets

EDM, Progressive House

Sylenth Mainstage Presets includes everything you need for your next big EDM tune.
Sylenth1 needs no introductions in the world of music producers
since it has been repeatedly voted as the No.1 must-have Vst for the
past 7 years.

We are here to offer fresh sounds built on the versatile and well-known Sylenth1.
In this pack, you will find 69 fresh Sylenth1 presets that work with every big room EDM track.

We have included 31 MIDI files that are used in our demo song.
Every MIDI file is named with the corresponding Sylenth1 preset.

Loading the MIDI files and corresponding presets will sound like the
demo song. This pack is great for starting new ideas and facilitates a fast

Whether you produce Electro House, Progressive House, Trance or any
other dance genres, Sylenth Mainstage Presets, is a must-have tool for all
dance music producers.

These sounds work straight out of the box and will give your tracks the sound of major DJs and producers.

Full Pack Details:
• 69 in total Sylenth presets
• 31 MIDIS
•3 Arps
•16 Bass
•8 FX (with Modwheel Adjusted)
• 3 Keys
• 19 Leads
• 5 Pads
• 11 Plucks
• 4 Stabs