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Save Me


Introducing “Save Me” a complete Vocal Kit/Song Starter. This kit features a full song’s worth of captivating female vocals that will tug at your emotions. Enhance your production with the included dub vocals, back vocals, and harmonies, allowing you to craft a rich vocal tapestry.

But that’s not all, this pack also comes with WAV loops ranging from drums to synth, piano, and bass. The included MIDI loops seamlessly complement the vocals, offering endless possibilities for customization.

Unlock the power of this vocal and let its emotional journey inspire your music. From a catchy top line that resonate to versatile loops that elevate, this kit is your key to creating memorable tracks that truly stand out.

MIDI files are included for all instruments, including drums, allowing you to tweak each composition or replace any sound in the production process to feed your needs and track idea. By using the MIDI file format, you can also change the tempo, key signature of the whole track and even single notes in the file to fit perfectly into your arrangement.

Compatible with all DAWs/Music Software.

Pack Info

• 1 Construction Kits
• 1 Lead Vocal
• 20 Vocal files (wet/dry/raw)
• 8 WAV Loops
• 3 MIDI Loops
• F Major
• 100 bpm
• 100.7 MB zip
• 303.3 MB unzip
• 44.1kHZ/24-Bit WAV
• 100 Royalty Free