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Psychedelic Trance Vol 2

Psychedelic, Trance

Do you want to take your track to the next level to add a psychedelic signature sounds to your productions? Then this pack is for you.

You will find 5 kits ready for you to create the freshest and up today psychedelic sounds, including all elements such as Bass, Melodies, Synths, Drums and FX, all neatly separated and labelled in their own folders. Drum Hits and Synth Samples are also included.

Of course, we give away all Instrumental Loops in midi form as well as wav for your own convenience and creative freedom. Import the midis files into your project, rearrange the original midis and make something new. We also provide the Spire, Sylenth, Massive and Serum presets that we use to create our sounds, as heard in the demo.

Full Pack Details
•25xDrum Hits
•22xMidi Files
•38xDrum Loops
•41xSynth Loops
•3xMassive Presets
•20xSpire Presets
•10xSynth Samples
•9xSylenth Presets
•1xSylenth Preset
•1xGladiator Preset
•2xSerum Presets
•Royalty Free