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Guitar Riffs Vol 4

EDM, House, Pop

Guitar Riffs Vol 4 contains 47 different wav electric guitar riffs and some of them come with different sounds, texture or double played giving you a total of 166 different files to chose from. The idea of the double played riffs is to give you an even wider stereo imaged when you pan the guitars Left and Right. All the riffs (loops) are KEY and BPM tagged and have their own bass line midi file. This means that all you will need to care about is the creative part and not waste any time search for KEY BPM and even write chord and bass progression to start working.

Full Pack Info:

• 47 Electric Guitar Riff Loops (90 to 112 BPM)
• 166 in total Electric Guitar Riff Loops
• 48 MIDI Files
• 315 MB Unzipped
• 231 MB Zipped
• 44.1kHz/24Bit WAV