Audiovat Exclusive Eternity(Melodic Techno)
Melodic House, Techno

The ‘Eternity’ track is a melodic techno masterpiece ready to be released under your name. Inside the package, you will find a Master WAV file with a high quality of 24 bit/44.100.

Additionally, an un-master version is also included for those who want to personalize their own mastering process. The package also includes full stem and midi files, giving you even more control over the track.

You can import the WAV stem files to your DAW, allowing you to re-mix the track or add your own melodic ideas and make it your own. You can also access the MIDI files to help you create new melodies.

As an exclusive product, this can be yours 100% after you purchase it, and it won’t be available to other customers.

Exclusive Pack Details:
•4.69GB of Content
•Eternity Master File
•Eternity Un-Master File
•44 Stem Files
•10 Midi Files
•Key: B minor
•24-Bit/44.100 WAV
•100% Copyright Ownership