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Broken Heart

Indie Dance / Synth Pop, Pop

Introducing “Broken Heart” – a captivating royalty-free vocal pack that will stir emotions and add depth to your musical creations. This exquisite pack features a poignant Lead Vocal, accompanied by carefully harmonized back vocals, meticulously designed to convey the essence of heartbreak and vulnerability.

With “Broken Heart,” you’ll discover a treasure trove of professionally recorded vocals, infused with raw emotions and evocative storytelling.

Alongside the Lead Vocal, you’ll find a collection of wav and midi Loops meticulously crafted to complement and enhance the vocal performances. These loops, delicately woven around the vocals, provide a solid foundation for your musical arrangements, offering endless creative possibilities. Seamlessly blend the loops with your compositions and experiment with different genres, styles, and moods to create soul-stirring melodies that resonate with your audience.


MIDI files are included, allowing you to tweak each composition or replace any sound in the production process to feed your needs and track idea. By using the MIDI file format, you can also change the tempo, key signature of the whole track and even single notes in the file to fit perfectly into your arrangement.

Compatible with all DAWs/Music Software.

Pack Info:

• 1 Construction Kits
• 1 Male Lead Vocal
• 14 Vocal Stems (dry/wet/raw)
• D Major
• 115 bpm
• 7 WAV Loops
• Bass, Drums, Synths, Piano, Guitars and more
• 36 MIDI Loops
• 307.1 MB Unzipped
• 153.7 MB Zipped
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit WAV
• 100% Royalty Free