How to Mix Your Favorite Songs in 5 Steps

1. Mix Your Favorite Songs with DJ controllers and software

One of the most common ways to mix your favorite songs is that you need to have a “DJ mixing controller” gears like Pioneer djDenon dj or you can mix inside your computer with the software called Mixmeister.

2. Create a Playlist with your Songs

Find all the songs you have on your computer and categorize them in folders based on the music genre. For better music quality is necessary to have all your songs in WAV format or at list mp3 320kbps. Then you will need a DJ mixing controller or a DJ software to mix them.

3. Find songs BPM (Beats Per Minute)

There are two ways to beat match 2 songs for a DJ set or party. The more recent methods involve using software like Mixmeister on a computer, which helps the DJ keep the tempo and frequency of both tracks in perfect sync. 

The other way is to load the songs inside the software like Serato and Recordbox. These software’s will analyze the songs in BPM (beats per minute) and find also the song’s key which is very important if you want to mix the songs in key. Serato works almost in all DJ mixing controllers and Recordbox is working only with the newest Pioneer controllers.

4. Get Creative by Adding Extra Elements Like Sound Effects.

If you want your mixing set to stand out more, you need to add some extra ‘flavor sauce’ by adding sounds effects like uplifters, downlifters, Impacts, and more. You can use these Effects for better transitions between your mixes. You can check audiovat for find some cool effects.

5. Are my DJ mixes good enough?

  • Ask your friends what they think about your mixing skills. An honest opinion from a friend really counts.
  • Record your mixes, put them on a USB stick, and listen to them while driving a car. This helps a lot as you can identify your mixing mistakes easily.
  • Upload your mixes to your mobile phone and listen to them while you walking or exercise in the gym.


Mix your favorite songs is not rocket science, nowadays DJ technology gives everyone the tools and chance to be a dj.

October 4, 2021