Free Saturation Plugins

Free Saturation Plugins

The Complete Guide to Free Saturation VST Plugins and How They Can Help Your Music

What is a saturation plugin and what does it do?

The Saturation plugin is a modern-day plugin meant to replicate the sound of a guitar playing through an amplifier. It is often used for that classic rock sound and can be used on any instrument. Not only does it offer high-quality saturation and distortion, but it can also be used as a tool for sound design and creative experimentation. In this article, we will list our top free saturation plugins.

Benefits of Free Saturation VST Plugins

  • Downloading them is a lot easier than having to buy them or even download other instruments or plugins in general.
  • They have more features than most in-build saturation DAWs plugins.
  • There is a much wider selection of free vst plugins which saves you time when trying to find one that suits your needs
  • Many of these plugins are better quality even though they are free.

Top 5 Free Saturation VST Plugins with Download Links

The list below is put together with the aim to help people find the best free saturation plugins available. It includes links to download, so you can try them out for yourself.


free saturation plugin ivgi klanghelm

IVGI is a Klanghelm saturation effect that can be used as a free alternative to SDRR.

Can work as either an analog-style saturation effect on the master bus or as an aggressive distortion effect. It offers really warm sound and adds character to any sound design.

The IVGI plugin can be set up in no time and provides instant saturation when switched on. You can fine-tune the plugin’s saturation characteristics by adjusting its frequency response, symmetry, and drive amount. It can replicate the crosstalk that you’ll find on stereo signals as well as drift and randomness found in analog hardware.


free saturation plugin ferrictds

Variety Of Sound’s FerricTDS is a VST plugin allowing you to emulate tape saturation. Unfortunately, the plugin is only available in the 32-bit for Windows at this time. In other words, it can give you some of the best sound quality out there but you have to break your head a little bit…

FerricTDS is the only saturation plugin on the market that emulates analog tape. Not only can it add subtle tape saturation and gentle compression, but it also preserves your audio’s finer dynamics and distortion.

Chow Tape Model [DOWNLOAD]

free saturation plugin chow tape

If you’re into analog sounds, then the CHOW Tape plugin is exactly what you need. It comes out as both a VST, VST3, AU and LV2 plug-in for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The plugin initially used an actual physical model of the Sony TC-260 tape recorder. Although it still does, the algorithm has improved over time, incorporating analog saturation behavior & lo-fi properties of tapes.

You can use CHOW Tape solely as a saturation plugin, but it also excels at emulating aspects of tape decks too (wow, flutter, noise, etc.).

The creator of this plugin began developing it in conjunction with their research project at Music 420. The project later became open-source when the author’s friend requested that they release it publicly.

Saturation Knob [DOWNLOAD]

saturation knob

Saturation Knob is a free plugin to help you master your audio tracks by making it louder so they are easier to hear.

This plugin has 3 different saturation modes, namely neutral, low, and high. Choose a mode and use the knob to apply a desired degree of saturation to your signal.

When you are applying saturation, be sure to work across the entire mix of tracks rather than just on individual channels. For example, apply gentle saturation to vocals but also to backing vocals for a more varied sound.

Tube Saturator Vintage [DOWNLOAD]

tube saturator vintage

Tube Saturator Vintage is a freeware VST, AU, and AAX tube saturation plugin by Wave Arts. You can download it on PC & Mac through the freeware section of their website.

This plugin has an emulated pre-amplifier with triode vacuum tubes and an equalizer. You can control the amount of gain in the sound by adjusting it through the drive knob or you can use the ‘Fat’ processing method which adds in another layer of saturation.

The included EQ is perfect for controlling high-frequency parts and for boosting low-frequency parts. Tube Saturator Vintage excels as a drum processing tool due to the grit it can add and the character that is added to acoustic drum recordings.

The only disadvantage is that it requires a lot of CPU power, so keep an eye on your DAW performance meter.

Download Loops for testing the plugins


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November 28, 2021