A Guide to Exclusive Vocals and Sounds for Your Music

Exclusive Vocals

Exclusive Vocals and Sounds – What are they?

Exclusive vocals and sounds are recordings usually done by professional vocalists and sound designers. This content is usually more expensive than the royalty-free samples because there is only one (1) copy available, and only one producer can have it and use it inside music production.

Types of Vocals

Here are the most known types of exclusive vocals:

  • Lead Vocals
  • Adlibs Vocals
  • Speech Vocals

Lead Vocals are the most widely known form of exclusive vocals. This type of vocals has two(2) verses and a chorus, and it is characterized as a complete vocal song. These vocals can be used in music production and sound like a complete song.

You can use Adlib’s vocals like patches here and there on an instrumental track to spice things up. It is good to load them on your sampler and make some nice vocal chops.

Speech Vocals can be used in many cases. Below are the most known.

  • Inside instrumental tracks
  • Inside a video clip
  • In a live DJ set as an intro

Types of Sounds

  • Lead Melodies
  • Guitar Chords/Melodies
  • Drum Patterns and Beats

If you don’t have a music theory background or don’t know how to create a catchy melody, a good option is to buy a pre-made melody to add to your music. Guitar chords and melodies are a good choice if you want to add some physical instruments to your track. If you’re not much of a guitar player, this is your option. Drum patterns and beats are loops that rappers can use to add them under the vocals.

Why You Should Use Vocals in your Music

All of us, as music producers, want our tracks to stand out and be unique. To achieve that, we need to create sounds that other producers have not overused. Or we use vocals that are exclusively recorded for us. If you don’t have access to hire professional vocalists and songwriters, then our exclusive vocal catalog is something you need to check out. You can easily browse and find vocals for your next hit.

Conclusion: The Importance of Exclusive Vocals and Sounds for your tracks

In conclusion, having exclusive vocals and sounds for your creative project is important. It can help you create unique tracks that will be memorable and make them stand out from other producers.

August 28, 2022